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Live in your truth. It’s the only way.

If life’s got you backed up, find a way to move forward. As long as you’re breathing then life and some higher power is not done with you yet, which means you’ve got work to finish. You’ve got a job to do. That work is to give it all you’ve got. Everything you have and … Continue reading “Live in your truth. It’s the only way.”

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Teaira Still has Something to Prove

One woman who’s smile and future is so bright shares her inspiring journey through life and a desire to gain back the one thing she’s lost. Teaira Still has Something to Prove: From the time she was two years of age he was one of her best friends – and for Teaira Stills the influence … Continue reading “Teaira Still has Something to Prove”

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Making A Difference In This World

You hope to meet many people in this life who will give. Then there are those who take it to a place few of us can imagine. Don and Jo Dente are spending their lives making A Difference In This World: Get your motor running, head out on the highway. Looking for adventure and whatever … Continue reading “Making A Difference In This World”

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