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Two Hearts, One Mind

“Be the best person you can be, be the hero of your own life… and help people along the way.” – Stephen and Joel Kesselman Why not attribute one quote to two people? Especially when one started the sentence and the other finished it. Especially when two men have become superstars, legends in their industry, and … Continue reading “Two Hearts, One Mind”

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Coming Home

“I can’t over emphasize how great this company has been for my family and my marriage and in all honesty, I wouldn’t trade these people or this experience for the world.” – Earl Kennedy, Field Sales Leader, USHEALTH Advisors They call him Big E and with good reason; standing 6 feet, 4 inches tall, Earl Kennedy … Continue reading “Coming Home”

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Born to Run

It’s a late Thursday afternoon in Utah and Andrew Jones is cold, real cold. Running with his wife Tiffany, who Andrew refers to as a “crazy runner”, and under-dressed to run in the late fall weather,  Andrew believes hypothermia and calorie exhaustion are setting in as he tries to complete the training for an upcoming … Continue reading “Born to Run”

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