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Born to Run

It’s a late Thursday afternoon in Utah and Andrew Jones is cold, real cold. Running with his wife Tiffany, who Andrew refers to as a “crazy runner”, and under-dressed to run in the late fall weather,  Andrew believes hypothermia and calorie exhaustion are setting in as he tries to complete the training for an upcoming … Continue reading “Born to Run”

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 He’s Got Game

For Dan Dacquisto it’s always been about performance, on-and-off the field. Learn from the best and then put yourself to the test. “I got a big part of my work ethic looking up to athletes,” says Dan. “Their goals, their ambition, their drive.  It started with Michael Jordan, then watching guys like Kobi Bryant. Kobi’s … Continue reading ” He’s Got Game”

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Good To Be Me

“Stuff is just stuff. You’ve just gotta keep the people around who mean something to you. Focus on them, that’s the stuff that’s important.” – Joe Baskin Standing there next to his beautiful bride-to-be Joe knew the stuff he had in this moment came directly from his heart. After months of trying to plan a wedding, the planning … Continue reading “Good To Be Me”

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