Division Ships Military Care Packages

USHA’s James Sackos Division Ships Military Care Packages Overseas

Team effort provides Armed Services Personnel with gifts just in time for Christmas.

While most Americans enjoyed a hearty Thanksgiving dinner surrounded by family and friends, many of our nation’s bravest men and women; our Armed Forces Personnel, spent the holidays overseas, protecting our freedom. Realizing the sacrifices made by our fighting men and women, USHA’s James Sackos Division decided to thank approximately 100 of them with carefully prepared Military Care Packages for the Christmas Holiday.

The gift-giving project came in response to a request made by USHEALTH’s CEO Troy McQuagge, that the company’s independently contracted sales teams find a way to give back to their local communities in a meaningful way during what was called USHA’s Month of HOPE. “We purchased items for soldiers that were overseas for the holidays,” said James Sackos. “We shipped care packages totaling roughly $5,000; enough to take care of approximately 100 soldiers.”

The Fort Myers, Florida –based Division Sales Team pitched in with cash and merchandise for the packages; then later, 8 members of the team spent part of their Thanksgiving holiday preparing the packages for shipment to ensure they would arrive before Christmas. Mr. Sackos stated, “The boxes were stuffed with hundreds of items that the soldiers could share with one another. Students from a local elementary school also pitched in, writing letters and drawing pictures for our service personnel”.

Along with the letters and drawings, soldiers would find items such as snacks and energy drinks, warm socks and toiletries; even books and sunglasses. While the project certainly provided holiday cheer for the soldiers, it also brought members of the Sackos team together in a special way. “Not only the camaraderie,” said James, “but the overall spirit of the team. Everyone had smiles on their faces while they worked. It made us all feel extremely grateful that we could spend the holidays with our own families. I couldn’t imagine being overseas fighting, instead of being with my family.”

Finally, when we posed the ultimate question: was the effort worthwhile? Mr. Sackos replied, ”It was one of the best projects that we have ever done as a group.”

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