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Don’t wait for the right opportunity, create it. – George Bernard Shaw

In a marketplace where most are running with the herd, for Troy McQuagge and USHEALTH Advisors, the road less-traveled is one paved with opportunity, service and success.

When the Affordable Care Act legislation was passed in 2010, Troy and his team took a look at the ACA in its entirety, page-by-page, and recognized a glaring need. A need and a niche others failed to visualize, or were perhaps afraid to tackle. But for Troy it all comes down to perspective, two people can look at the same situation, one sees a way to simply fall in line and do what others are doing, the other sees a road full of potential and possibilities. Troy has a history of leading and living a great life lesson – when someone tells you this is the way it’s always been done, find another way.

Troy McQuagge, President and CEO

Troy McQuagge, President and CEO

Now, just a few years later not only are the innovative products and solutions from USHEALTH resonating with consumers across America, the company is being recognized for its success as winner of the 2016 Silver Stevie Award for Sales Growth Achievement of the Year.

For Troy, who serves as CEO and President of USHEALTH, it all comes down to the company’s mission and the results of fueling that mission with laser focus. You don’t reach record-breaking levels of success without an unwavering commitment to those you serve.  In a recent interview for the Stevie Awards Blog, Troy put it this way: “Ours is a story of grit and determination.  Since inception, our company has faced and overcome numerous challenges; many of which have led competing companies to exit the marketplace altogether. USHEALTH has ‘stayed in the game’ because we believe we offer a better healthcare solution for middle America.”

But USHEALTH’s success is not just because of vision and innovation, while these are key components, Troy emphasizes what drives the company at its core is the dedication to its purpose, one of HOPE. “We are driven by our stated Mission of H.O.P.E. – Helping Other People Everyday. These are words that we live every day, in pursuit of excellence as individuals and as a company.”

For USHEALTH it’s a simple concept of business acumen and strength that works for those who work hard to protect their families. USHA simply leverages its world-class distribution capabilities to, as Troy explains, “build a great American company focused on our mission of helping and serving individuals, small business, and the self-employed with affordable and innovative healthcare solutions.”

This pursuit and the results of this level of commitment are being recognized worldwide by organizations just like The Stevie Awards. To win an award like this a business must compete on a worldwide stage, with other companies also proving their mettle in the marketplace.

“There really is nothing else quite like winning a Stevie Award,” says Troy.  “Winning this award is a key indicator that we have created a company that is worthy of the trust placed in it by our agents, employees and customers. Winning this award has created a deeper sense of pride among our agents and employees because in a sense, it validates their hard work. It has also helped create a heightened sense of awareness about our business in the American marketplace. Perhaps the most evident impact has been seen in our agent recruitment efforts. When considering where they want to hang their professional hat, sales people are naturally attracted to a winning organization. While we have no empirical evidence to support our assertion, there is ample anecdotal evidence that people who consider this opportunity are impacted positively by the fact that we have won so many Stevie Awards, including the prestigious Gold Stevie.”

And winning doesn’t mean you stop innovating, far from it. You can never simply rest on your laurels, you must continue to grow, adapt and pivot. In this rapidly changing world of innovation you have to run just to stand in place. So while change is good, more is better.  “We’ve already changed our industry,” says Troy. “Our innovative products didn’t even exist prior to being created by our company. No other company in America offers the same kind of products. Only we have successfully made this type of product portfolio affordable for the customer yet also profitable and sustainable for the company. We believe we can bring even more innovation and change to the insurance industry and in the process help even more people with affordable healthcare solutions.”

The success for USHEALTH does not come without hard work, for you don’t get what you want in life, you get what you deserve, and a successful business is no different. It is a living, breathing entity which must be consistently nourished and nurtured by the right people and an intense dedication to service. As with any great company, that level of dedication begins at the top. In the case of USHEALTH it’s Troy’s unending devotion to his people which trickles down to everyone who is a part of the culture. “I have the privilege to work on behalf of every USHA agent and every USHG employee,” says Troy. I view my role as helping our agents and employees unlock the incredible potential that exists within themselves and collectively, within this company.”

Shown from left to right: Dean Whaley, VP – Financial Planning & Analysis, Bill Shelton, Sr. VP - Marketing, Jim White, Sr. VP - Sales, Troy McQuagge, President and CEO, Travis Yoder, EVP - Sales, and Brian Clark, Sr. VP - Admin and CMO, Bill Woods, Sr. Director – Data Analytics.

Shown from left to right: Dean Whaley, VP – Financial Planning & Analysis, Bill Shelton, Sr. VP – Marketing, Jim White, Sr. VP – Sales, Troy McQuagge, President and CEO, Travis Yoder, EVP – Sales, and Brian Clark, Sr. VP – Admin and CMO, Bill Woods, Sr. Director – Data Analytics.

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