FORT WORTH, Texas, April 7, 2011 – Benjamin M. Cutler, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group, Inc. (USHEALTH), a leading national health insurer providing affordable coverage to small business owners and the self-employed, announced today the launch of two new Fixed Indemnity Medical Insurance plans. The products, known as ValueChoice and ValueCare, will initially be offered in six select states with additional states to follow over the next several months.

“Unlike a number of insurance carriers that have announced they are exiting the individual health market as a result of healthcare reform, or the Affordable Care Act, we are expanding and enhancing our portfolio of products to provide customers with valuable and relevant benefit solutions,” said Cutler. “We’ve spent the last six months working with our distribution partners to make sure these two new products offer cost-effective alternatives and value benefit solutions in this changing marketplace. Similar to other supplemental plans, these plans are exempt from the federal healthcare reform coverage requirements.”

Both Fixed Indemnity Medical Insurance plans offer less expensive plan options than traditional major medical plans and pay specific first dollar payments for covered healthcare services. The ValueChoice plan provides routine wellness and preventive care services as well as daily benefits for Inpatient Hospital Stays, including ICU, Inpatient Doctor Visits, Inpatient Pathology/Radiology and a variety of outpatient services including Radiation and Chemotherapy benefits. The ValueCare plan provides daily benefits for Inpatient Hospital Stays, including ICU and basic outpatient services including Radiation and Chemotherapy benefits. In addition to these plan benefits, the ValueChoice and ValueCare products offer additional benefits when an insured is confined in the hospital for a specified critical illness or injury.

Continuing USHEALTH’s leadership in the market innovation of fixed premium rate options, the ValueChoice and ValueCare products offer insureds the ability to lock in their rates for up to a full thirty-six months. “Our commitment to allow a long-term fixed rate option, demonstrates our continued focus on the long-term permanent need buyer while other insurance companies abandon their fixed rate options altogether. These products were priced to provide customers an option to complement their coverage with one of our supplemental products which enhances their overall protection,” Cutler commented. “With our new product lineup, USHEALTH is ready, willing and able to meet the individual health needs of consumers in this changing marketplace.”

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is an insurance holding company based in Fort Worth, Texas focused on providing innovative insurance products for self-employed individuals and small business owners. Products are principally distributed through career agent organizations that are wholly owned subsidiaries of the company. The goal of USHEALTH is to combine the talents of its employees and agents to market competitive and profitable insurance products, while providing superior customer service in every aspect of the company’s operations.

Corporate Contact:
Michael D. Best

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