His name is Jason Blank. And for Jason, you can fill in the blank with one word, the word he believes and knows will bring about success. That one word is work.

For Jason, it’s all about hard work. Relentless effort. Unwavering passion. Focused desire.

That’s what it takes to be the best-of-the-best. You must be constantly growing, building and changing to get what you want. Jason is a walking, talking embodiment of systems, processes, rituals and no-holds-barred effort to make dreams come true, for himself and for those around him.

Hard work works. Jason works. Jason is currently the number one Field Training Agent for USHEALTH Advisors, by a long shot. USHEALTH Advisors helps the self-employed marketplace, individuals and families with access to affordable benefits, including healthcare.

Jason and his team are leading the charge.

Jason’s been working on himself, going after what he wants and building on his personal strengths from the time he was a little kid. It’s been proven you can be so much more successful by building on what you are already good at, rather than always trying to conquer your weaknesses. Focusing on your strengths and turning them into mastery makes you world-class, impossible for others to ignore, you show the way and others follow.

“I did very well in school, academics and athletics,” says Jason. “I played ice hockey and lacrosse. I don’t do anything I can’t get good at because it just frustrates me. It’s habit, routine, discipline and time management.”


These fundamental principles and thoughts are why, from the time he was young, Jason wanted to build his body…and his mind. “I always really liked the guys on the magazine covers,” Jason says. “I’ve always been a hard worker my whole life. I enjoyed bodybuilding because it was my release. I kept working on my body and once I got to college I stopped playing sports all-together, I just focused on my studies, the social life and the bodybuilding, I’ve always been into fitness.”


In 2013 and 2014 Jason and Jesse Fabricant, currently, the number one agent at USHEALTH Advisors, trained and competed in multiple shows together.

“We trained in the gym every day,” says Jason. “We lived together, did cardio, did weights, did some shows together. We competed in the National Physique Committee, (the largest amateur bodybuilding organization in the US), and we both won a few overall competitions. We got some sponsorships, some free supplements, great pictures, and other stuff, but we didn’t make money at it. Understand, only the best in the world make money doing this. You have to invest a tremendous amount of time in it, from twice a day workouts in the gym, preparing meals and then walking around with only about 4-percent body fat to compete. You are starving your body of nutrients and energy. You are depleted and it limits brain function because you need some fat to be in a healthy state. I was trying to go to school and do my studies in that condition, it wasn’t fun.”

Jason’s hard work did pay off with some unexpected recognition, maybe even 15-minutes of fame. Most people don’t know that an author, Susan Fisher-Davis, paid Jason to use his body in a photograph on the cover of one of her romance novels, Jake, Men of Clifton. It was a validation of the time and effort Jason put into working on his body – maybe with a little bit of luck as well – though as Jason would be quick to tell you luck is made when preparation meets opportunity.


With a degree in business from the University of Central Florida, Jason put his mind to work as well, trying to find a career in business management, but it didn’t exactly lead him where he wanted to go. “I was doing a lot of work in management…bars and clubs,” says Jason, “but there were no real benefits there. Then I found a job loaded with benefits, but one that also eventually taught me about what I didn’t want to do.”

Jason was hired to work as one of the managers for the Avis and Budget rental car companies at the Orlando International Airport, one of the top, if not the top rental car spot in the world. The job was demanding, the work hours brutal, the responsibilities endless, the pay only moderate and the experience a daily grind.

Jason explains: “Here’s a how a day in my life went. My day started at 6 am, because international flights came in from all over the world at all hours of the day and night. But imagine this scenario: you are the father of a family which just traveled 20 hours in a plane from some other part of the world. You get off the plane, you are tired and frustrated after spending all those hours with screaming kids. Three months prior to that trip you booked your vehicle, a minivan, with the rental car company. When it’s finally time for your vacation and you take your flight, you get off the plane and there is an hour-and-a-half wait at the rental car counter.  Now you are super-pissed. You get up to the counter only to have the rep tell you that the vehicle you booked three months ago is not available right now. But, they tell you, if you go sit down, it should be there in about 45 minutes. The only thing standing between you and your vacation is the minivan… you are livid. If you get angry and make a stink you are given options. You could split your family up in two vehicles, have two drivers, pay for two tanks of gas, or maybe they can get you in a big 12-passenger sprinter van, which most people have trouble navigating because it’s so large. And then pay for the gas in that thing. Even worse is watching the guy who didn’t have a reservation, but while standing in line ordered a vehicle on his phone, and he gets the car he wants – because the rental car companies NEVER shut down the rental process, no matter what.”

“These are the scenarios I dealt with every day of my life. I can’t even count any happy experiences. I thought I wanted upper management there, with guys making six figures, but it wasn’t worth it and even the people I saw who wanted the upper management positions were stuck in their same line of work for six or seven years. It’s why I left there without any other opportunity in front of me. I just quit.”

Jason was done, but then he discovered the opportunity which has changed his life because he has thrown his whole life into the opportunity. In October of 2016, Jason became an agent with USHEALTH Advisors and his success has been on an upward trajectory ever since. As a Field Training Agent Jason’s team is the most successful in the country. To date, his team has issued more than $11 million dollars in annual volume and Jason has personally produced more than $3.6 million, issuing nearly $2 million this year alone.


The secret to Jason’s success – just fill in the blank – work. “I’ve got no girlfriend right now,” says Jason, “no dog, nothing holding me back, I am maximizing this opportunity to see how far we can take it.”

To take it as far as it can go, you must be relentless. Here’s a quick synopsis of Jason’s week: 7 days in the office, working 8 am to 11 pm during the week, Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 10 pm, run training from 8 pm to midnight on Fridays.  Below is Jason’s exact schedule, these are the texts he sent, in sequential order to outline his week and day.


By the way in that last set of texts, the gym time is 11 pm to 12:15 am. That’s work!

But here’s the second part of the secret. Hold the people you work with to the same standards…and care. “Essentially this is about hope,” says Jason. “I want to maximize and motivate and lead by example. It’s why I am here in the office every day, seven days a week. I drink the same water, breathe the same air as every other person. I know people have issues and troubles, so do I. But if I’m doing it, so can you. I’m out here, I’ve got my head down and I’m making it to the top. I’m working my way up there and want to help this company to be as big as possible. I want to help everyone maximize their day and show them the opportunity right in front of them.”

“When I interview someone I look at their resume quickly. I tell them this is not an interview, you can have this opportunity if you want it, but let me show you how it works. Let me tell you what success looks like, what it takes to be successful here. I want to make sure their morals and ethics are in the right spot, that they can contribute to this opportunity, and that it’s a good fit for the team. Most times how fast someone gets licensed is in direct relation to how successful they will be. It’s all mindset and putting your head down and working. You have to have the proper social skills and work ethic, but if you work your ass off here I guarantee you will be successful.”

Jason says one of the most crucial pieces was hiring his buddy Jesse, who is at the top in personal production with USHA. Jason says it wasn’t easy, but it’s worth it because it lent validation to his system. “Jesse’s wife told him not to do it,” says Jason. “His mom told him not to do it, his dad was on the fence. I had to meet with his dad for seven hours to convince him to let Jesse come here. I took them through a day in the life. But now that Jesse is on board, it’s crucial to our growth.”


“When one person does it, just me, I’m an anomaly. When two people do it, then it’s possible. Alone you are an outlier, but when Jesse and now Shai Hatuel, (top 15 in the country), start killing it in this business, now it’s real for everyone. We have a system and it’s proven and it works, not just for one, but for many. I’ve brought my cousin and some personal friends into the business. The biggest challenge sometimes is they don’t believe it. What’s the secret? What am I doing differently? Just put your head down and work, seven days a week, 90 hours a week. I’m constantly with my people, building relationships. I sit in the pit with them, I share my challenges, the same ones they are having. What makes me do this is I like the feeling of being successful, of having a purpose, coming here every day to help people with insurance, help my agents, help my staff get better. It’s great synergy, it’s a big family and it gives me purpose and success.”

It bears repeating, his name is Jason Blank. And he can tell you how to fill in the blank for success with just one word, that one word, is work.

Until next time, thanks for taking the time.

Your Storyteller,
Mark Brodinsky