Cup of Gold – Jamie Goldstein

“Did I leave a positive mark? Did I do something good for everyone around me?” – Jaime Goldstein

It’s a question we should all ask of ourselves, did we leave someone or some situation better than we found it? For Jaime Goldstein, this has always been his goal, leave a touch of gold wherever he goes.

“Overall in business, in my career, every place I have been I feel like I’ve left a pretty good mark,” says Jaime. “I could go back two jobs ago if I wanted to and be accepted because I feel like I’ve always been able to leave with a good name. It’s the same thing here at USHEALTH Advisors. If I were to leave in 20 years from now I want to look back and answer the question, did I leave a positive mark?”

Jaime says part of his desire to be more, to give more, comes from watching a very important person in his life – his father – who shared golden nuggets that still resonate with Jaime in all that he does.

“My father passed in 2012 and that was a big challenge in my life because he was a huge role model for me,” Jaime says. “He was a tennis pro and then moved into real estate and was very successful in that career as well. He was a great mentor for me because even as a kid I was included in his sales process. We had a side deal going that if he closed a sale, I would get some of the money put into an account for school. I was always a big cheerleader for him because when he came home happy after closing a deal, I was happy too!”

Childhood was a happy time for Jaime – his parents met in Mexico when Jamie’s mom, Suzanne, started taking tennis lessons from his dad, Alvin, and so for the first dozen years of his life, Jamie lived in Mexico. “Life in Mexico was fun,” says Jaime. “Sports are a huge thing for me, soccer, tennis and football. I had a lot of different friends and grew up living in Puerto Vallarta, right near the water.”

Jaime’s dad had a number of health issues develop and so to get his father more advanced medical care, and Jaime’s mother’s desire to get her son into some American schools, the family moved to Boca Raton, Florida.

After starting school in Florida, Jaime met another kid, Garrett Laughlin. Though he didn’t know it at the time, Garrett would eventually have a huge impact on Jaime’s life.

But first, there was college and a focus on business, graduating early with a double major in entrepreneurship and marketing at FAU. It wasn’t long before Jaime found himself doing the same thing his dad did best – working in sales. First, there was a job selling surveillance cameras, then it was time to go for the gold – Jaime got a job with an online-based company selling high-end luxury jewelry and watches. A job which led him from Boca to Palm Beach, selling $100,000 watches and diamonds to millionaires. It also eventually led him to an offer in Boston, to work at a retail location at one of the oldest jewelers in the US.

“It was a big jump for me to do face-to-face sales, and to leave Florida and go to Boston,” says Jaime. “But I’m always up for a challenge. If it doesn’t challenge me I won’t get to the next level. Moving to Boston was pretty scary, going to a job where I knew no one and didn’t know if I would do well, or fall flat on my face. It was a really tough thing for me, but within six months I was doing extremely well and was promoted to assistant manager and then manager of the store. I had the keys to a multi-million dollar facility, but I was also working 60-to-70 hours a week, in at 5 am and working until 11 pm, hosting clients at restaurants and other events. I was making six-figures and even my wife Lauren was doing very well working at a high-end hair salon. But we both knew this was not the life we would eventually want for our kids, plus the cost of living was so high, a nice place could run you a million dollars.”

Jaime had met Lauren back when the two were living in Boca and since she was from Boston, Lauren made the trip up north with Jaime. The couple wed in 2015, and it was just about a year later that Jamie’s high school friend, Garrett Laughlin came calling. Garrett was excited to tell his former high school buddy about this opportunity he had found and where Garrett was doing extremely well – a company called USHEALTH Advisors.

“Garrett called me and said, ‘look I’m opening up this office in Fort Lauderdale and we always talked about the insurance industry. The is the perfect opportunity, come back down and work with me.’” Jaime says Brandon Cornett, now a Field Sales Leader with USHA, and one of Jamie’s best friends, also spoke to him about what he described as an incredible opportunity. “But I couldn’t make the move just yet,” says Jaime. “When I contracted with USHA I was still in Boston – it was tough – I knew nothing about insurance or who our best client was –  or how to handle a rebuttal or anything. It was late 2016 and I wanted to make the move south, but when I told the jewelry store owners about my plan, they asked if I could please work a few days a week until the end of the year. So I did that and then I’d get on the phone to try and set up some insurance appointments for a few of my leaders to sell. But it wasn’t working. Probably the first 12-15 deals nothing closed. Again, I didn’t understand our core client or how to properly qualify an appointment. Plus, we were heading into open enrollment season for health coverage all across the country and the people that were trying to help me were just so busy with other agents and clients in their office.”

At that time it wasn’t going so well Jaime had doubts, as did his wife, Lauren. Jaime remembers, “Lauren said to me, ‘you haven’t done well and now we’re going to move back to Florida, with something you haven’t even made money with yet?’ “But I started to get some traction at the beginning of December. We spent Christmas with Lauren’s family in Boston, we headed out a few days later to drive down to Florida, got down there just before New Year’s and by January 2nd I was in Garrett’s office and ready to go.”

Ask any leader in the company and they will tell you the office makes the difference – the office makes it real – the office makes you successful. In life, in business, it’s always about other people. We are all social animals, we need other people to help us so we don’t just survive – we actually thrive. Jaime’s arrival in the office proved that point, the personal touch made all the difference, the best was about to come.

“The office was fun,” says Jaime. “There were about 30 or 40 of us there and Garrett was so excited for me to be there. He had already put my name on a desk right in front of Justin Brain and David Zalka, two of the best agents in the company. I worked a lot. Lauren and I had an apartment about three minutes down the road, which worked well because I was working long hours, from 8 am to about 9 or 10 pm each night. I scheduled my days to be able to go to the gym in the middle of the day then come back to work. I’m a schedule type of guy, it works for me. I still stick to that schedule now, even working in the office until 1 or 2 pm on Saturday and after dinner, on Sunday, I still do some work from home to set myself up for the week.”

Hard work, works. To date, Jaime has produced more than four-and-a-half million dollars in annual sales and is on his way to hitting the five-million-dollar mark in 2020. Since being promoted into a leadership position, Jaime’s teams have issued more than $13 million in annual volume. Jaime and the other leaders emphasize the office environment and focusing on the team as part of the winning proposition. They also say if you want to become part of the opportunity at USHA, get ready to work.

“I don’t sugarcoat it,” says Jaime. “I tell people this could be your last career – if you take it seriously. You have to put in the work and do what Garrett always told me to do, be your own CEO. Jeff Bezos worked in his garage for years before Amazon ruled the world. You’re gonna put in a lot of hours, but it will absolutely grow tenfold if you look at it as a career and not a job. I tell others my story and how tough this was for me in the beginning. But the time you put in compounds and so does the money. I always tell people who join my team to come to me with any questions. If they are having a tough time, if they’re struggling, I can motivate them in a face-to-face setting, get them to acknowledge what is bogging them down and what’s holding them back and then help turn them around.”

Life has done a 180-degree turn for Jaime as well since coming to USHA. He says this company has given him an opportunity that brings happiness and joy into his everyday existence.

“Mindset is everything with this company. There has not been a single day I come into the office and have not been happy to be here. There are no days where it’s like, ‘oh this day will just be tough.’ During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was tough, because we weren’t together in the office. It wasn’t easy working from home. I need people and people need me. I motivate them and they motivate me. Two weeks back in the office and we are already setting sales records again. And leading from the front is what it’s all about at USHEALTH Advisors.”

If you do it right, success in one area of life leads to abundance in other areas as well. If you realize it or not, the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. For Jaime and Lauren, the hard work has made it possible for Lauren to stay at home right now and rest up, as the couple prepares for the next big event in their lives due to arrive in mid-August – the birth of their first baby – a girl.

“I know things will change entirely for us in about two months,” says Jaime. “We’ll be caring for a brand new life. But like I said I always like challenges and I know it’s one of the biggest challenges in my life. It’s an unknown and I’m nervous as hell, but I know I’m going to love her so much. It’s almost not real. I’m a pretty passionate and emotional guy and I will probably be a wreck when it happens.”

But Jaime says he knows he’ll do for his baby daughter, exactly what he tries to do for anyone else. Jamie wants to leave a mark, wants to give and wants to make sure others can count on him. “I’m always here for anyone in any situation. I’ve always been that person – if someone is having a hard day or needs me at 2 am – I will try and be there for them. That’s what has made me so happy about the culture here at USHA and our mission of HOPE. I’m able to help clients get out of a situation that is not serving them and put them in a better place. And that same philosophy translates to my agents. It’s about getting people out of their own way. Putting themselves in front of themselves and seeing how good they could be. You have to have that caring mentality for people and if you give that to them, they will give back to you ten times over.”

Jaime also says he wants to not only give back but also get back something that is very meaningful to him – and to do it for himself and for his family. It’s a golden nugget that means so much to him he looks at it all the time online and is inspired to bring it back into his life.

“When I was younger, just about a year before we left Mexico, my parents built a three-story house on a mountain in Puerto Vallarta, overlooking the ocean,” says Jaime. “My goal is to earn enough here at USHA that in a few years I can buy back that house as a vacation place and bring my family there. I want to try and get that house back because the name of the house is the translation of our last name, Goldstein, in Spanish, Villa Copa De Oro – Cup Of Gold. That house belongs back in our name. It’s my goal to get us there.

You can bet that Jaime is ready to go for that gold, to leave a mark, to make his life all that it can be.

Until next time, thanks for taking the time.

Your Storyteller,
Mark Brodinsky

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