USHEALTH Has Set a New Standard for Timely Claims Payment

USHEALTH has a proud legacy of timely claims payments on behalf of its customers.  In fact, the company’s commitment to its customers is so powerful, it has established an average time-service for claims payments of just 2.3 days, compared to an industry standard of 30-45 days.

In 2017, the USHEALTH family Group of companies processed and paid over 1.98 million claims while setting new benchmarks for timeliness and accuracy of claims payments.  This remarkable time-service standard has been achieved despite a 45% year-over-year increase in total claim volume.  It is made possible through thoughtful implementation of auto adjudication rules, which allow USHEALTH to make same-day payments on 74% of all submitted claims.  Moreover, 91% of all claims are paid within 5 days and 97% are paid within 10 days.

USHEALTH’s benchmark for timeliness and accuracy of claims payments is just one more example of our total commitment to customer satisfaction.

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